Web Site Design

ITOLIA designs, develops and maintains, state-of-the-art Web Sites for companies of various scales and industry sectors. Our custom web site design, made by our expert team, is aimed at establishing your business in Internet and giving you a leading edge with affordable prices.

Development of a successful Web site consists of many challenges, from designing an easy-to-use, navigable front-end to effective back-end functionality, all tied in a robust architecture. Our professional development team makes use of latest Web technologies in creating highly robust, scalable and extensible Web site architectures. Some of the cutting-edge and standard technologies we use include:

  • Architectural Technologies:      J2EE, .Net, Java, XML, SOAP
  • Front-End Technologies:          JSP, ASP, CGI, Java-Script, DHTML, Flash, SSL
  • Database Technologies:           JDBC. ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, Sql-Server


ITOLIA will help you in setting a plan for your company’s presence in Internet, determining the functional requirements, designing an effective and easy-to-use Web site and implementing it on a robust, scalable and extensible architecture. We can also maintain your web site and make it a live, active communication channel between you and your customers.