(Nearshore) Software Development

Itolia offers a range of business models which can be chosen and executed as best-fit for your business and IT strategy, according to your requirements, needs and time frames:

Below a brief description of these models are provided:



    • Offshore outsourcing provides many advantages to organizations by making high-quality software development resources in other countries available at much reasonable prices. The scarcity and cost of trained, specialized ICT personnel forces many organizations to consider offshore outsourcing as a strong alternative. It is, however, very important to find an outsourcing company that a customer organization can rely on, in terms of quality, professionalism and price of its services. Having many years of experience, string references and success-stories, Itolia is an outsourcing company that your organization can rely on as an outsourcing partner.
    • Depending on specific customer and project requirements, Itolia can provide outsourcing services in various business models, from complete undertaking of a development of a solution to co-operative project development with the client. As part of an assignment, we evaluate various alternatives with our clients to find the optimum model.
    • Itolia differs from other outsourcing companies by applying a BLENDED-DELIVERY MODEL where the project is managed locally by Itolia like a local project and design/development/testing activities occur in our nearshore center. The model delivers high-quality results with much cost and time efficiency.


Offshore Dedicated Team

    • Offshore Dedicated Team is an attractive outsourcing solution for many organizations which need to extend their in-house development teams with additional high-quality, low-cost development resources. Itolia can help you create your Offshore Dedicate Team by allocating a group of specialists who can solely work as your only or extended development team on a continuous basis. Itolia will work with to create such a skilled team and provide all necessary infrastructure and logistics. Itoliawill make sure that highest quality standards and productivity is achieved in meeting your business and technical requirements.
    • In order to meet your need to increase your project personnel capacity, we can provide highly qualified and certified ICT specialists on a temporary contractual basis. After determining your specific requirements and carrying out a diligent selection process possibly with your participation, the selected specialists start working as part of your team and project.

The Itolia Approach:

Being based in Netherlands and having development teams in Turkey and Ukraine, we provide first-class but affordable solutions and outsourcing services. We use latest software development technologies and methodologies (incl. Iterative, Prototyping, Waterfall) and apply professional, proven project management methods.

Depending on the specific customer and project requirements, we can choose to apply various business models, including:

    • Time and Material
    • Fixed Price
    • Offshore Dedicated Team
    • Detachering

Itolia has many years of solid experience in big, international projects on various industries from publishing to bank/finance, some of which have received industry recognition in the form of publications.

ITOLIA designs and implements complete(turn-key) software development solutions, according to our customers’ specifications, including:

    • Business analysis and requirements gathering
    • Solution design, verification,and creation of software requirements specification
    • Development and testing of software
    • Implementation and maintenance work

We have very experienced and knowledgeable consultants and developers. Our development teams have solid experience in big, challenging IT projects with high-success results. We use state-of-the-art technologies including Object Orientation, UML, Java, C/C++, XML, various SQL based scripting languages, Internet related scripting languages etc.