Data Migration

Due to fast changes in IT industry, average lifetime of systems is about 5 years. Each time a new system gets implemented, huge amounts of data has to be taken out of the old database(s) and files, processed (cleaned-up, transformed, enriched), and loaded into the new system’s database. This is usually a very low profile part of the project, but is as important as the success of the application development/customization.

Using our broad data migration experience and expertise, we can help our customers undertake complex data migration projects. ITOLIA technical and business consultants provides the very best expertise and skill set for your data migration and transformation projects.

ITOLIA provides complete Data Migration Solutions, including:

    • Identification of right data migration approach and tools
    • Source data analysis and business requirements gathering
    • Implementing complex, flexible, multiple-source-to-multiple-target data mappings
    • Defining target data models and setting-up target databases
    • Support for both big-bang and incremental approaches with their interfacing requirements
    • Undertaking all the phases of a complex migration project including pre- and post- activities
    • Data Migration Project Audit

Our consultants have successfully implemented big data conversion projects in the past. Data migration and transformations are their true specialty. They provide solid solutions not only to the technical aspects, but also to the business aspects of your problems.