Online Directory Solution

ITOLIA is developing a multi-lingual, multi-territory, high performance Internet Directory Service DirPages.

The Main Features of DirPages can be summarized as follows:

    • Multi-language Support
    • Multi-territory Support
    • Suitable for Classified and Alphabetical Directories
    • Suitable for B2B and B2C markets
    • Supports classification, name, number and location based searches
    • Definition of location hierarchies (province, city, postal_code) possible
    • Supports categorisation to easily navigate in business classifications
    • Supports Direct Marketing address list selection
    • Easily integrates with any operational directory database

DirPages will satisfy the needs of Classified and alphabetical directory service providers, as well as call centers providing business information inquiry services.

DirPages supports multiple languages for the preference of the user, and is able to support directory services in multiple countries. It is also very suitable for multi-lingual countries like Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland.

DirPages enable directory service providers to deliver their services in multiple languages, and for this reason is very suitable for B-to-B directory market.

DirPages makes it possible to define geography levels like country, region, province, city, city-section, and postal-code, and use these levels during searches.

DirPages allows multiple categorisations of business activities for easy access to directory information. For example, a categorisation could be high level business activity groups like education, transport, leisure etc, whereas another business activity group just for tourism, detailing accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing etc.

DirPages will also support direct marketing information provision in the form of address-list selection based on geography, business activity and company size. Directory service providers can easily extend this service to providing full-scale direct marketing campaign services (including printing and posting of material and processing responses).

DirPages can receive directory information from any existing operational database, and in this way minimises the cost of replacing or starting a web based directory service.